Feb 13 2017

RESULTS – February 11, 2017 (Civil War)

There is no escape from revenge!

Jan 22 2017

RESULTS – January 21, 2017 (Nearly A Year In The Making)

A year ago, Jake turned on Rex. Was Rex able to get revenge tonight?

Jan 22 2017

BREAKING NEWS – TOT To Take Two Weeks Off!

No shows for two weeks? What gives?!

Jan 15 2017

RESULTS – January 14th, 2017 (New Year Kickoff 2017)

What a way to kick off 2017! Brothers facing each other! Surprising debuts and returns! Whew, if this is how 2017 starts, what will happen next?

Jan 15 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Where Have We Been?

Cleaning up the site! … We have some explaining to do.